A Safety Notice from Honeywell Miller MightEvac and MightyLite SRL End-Users was Issued

Article posted on Monday, September 9, 2019, 1:00 PM

Honeywell Miller issued a safety mandatory stop use notice to all its MightEvac and MightyLite SRL end-users. Immediate stop use is required to all the products included in the notice and must be removed from use.

The notice only affects the models listed in Table 1, with identified manufacturing dates or re-certification dates between October 27, 2016 and October 6, 2018. Models outside of this date range, including new units, are not affected by this notice.

Preview the notice here. If you encountered a problem viewing the document and want to have a copy please email Marjorie Javier at marjorie@theloc.ca  or call 905-671-3969.