Indirect Benefits

  • Creating awareness and building a safety culture
  • Establishing and developing positive connections with schools, guidance counsellors and students looking to join the workplace/workforce
  • To educate and improve safety  awareness for the next generation of leaders by transferring accumulated knowledge and practical experience of workplace safety best practices
  • Creating public awareness, identifying possible unsafe practices and offering safety information to demonstrate that your company has a strong and vibrant safety culture
  • Public recognition for employers that make it a priority to have a safe work environment for workers
  • Employers who have well-integrated workplace health & safety programs can utilize the League of Champions to act as a lever for improving overall safety within your company
  • Use the League of Champions as a tool to inspire and act as a catalyst for your employees to catapult them to the next level of engagement, leading to an improved safety record that could lower costs 
  • Enhance employee morale through staff participation & get behind a cause that will help change the culture of safety
  • Raise employee acceptance and awareness about their approach to workplace safety and drive innovation into your business
  • League of Champions is a unique and exclusive list of construction leaders that clients, future workers can depend on – the best of the best​

Review & Approval of Application by OGCA

  • Champion Membership
    $750​ + 13% HST

​​​Members will receive a yearly renewal notice.

Sign Charter and Make Moral Commitment

how to become a member


Direct Benefits

  • Influence buyers of construction to recognize your firm as a SAFE company
  • Differentiate your company from those with poorer safety records and be recognized as a Safety Leader
  • Networking with major buyers of construction services and with potential new young employees
  • Use League of Champions on your letterhead & promotional materials, including: Hard Hat stickers, trucks, company signs, etc. Photo opportunities (group gatherings, government, special events, etc.)
  • Videos of events & talks
  • Media exposure and cross promotion – “create the buzz”
  • Participation – Awards/recognition  at OGCA Leadership Day, OGCA safety awards and separate Champion events
  • Website exposure
  • Opportunity to showcase your company at events across the Province(s) in front of High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Industry & Government​

By becoming a Champion, you will not only foster a safer work environment, your company will gain the recognition you deserve for achieving safety excellence.


Submit Application and Pay Membership Fee

Membership Granted, Jersey Issued!