• Champion Membership
    $750​ + 13% HST

​​​Members will receive a yearly renewal notice.

Review & Approval of Application by OGCA

Indirect Benefits

  • Creating awareness and building a safety culture
  • Establishing and developing positive connections with schools, guidance counsellors and students looking to join the workplace/workforce
  • To educate and improve safety  awareness for the next generation of leaders by transferring accumulated knowledge and practical experience of workplace safety best practices
  • Creating public awareness, identifying possible unsafe practices and offering safety information to demonstrate that your company has a strong and vibrant safety culture
  • Public recognition for employers that make it a priority to have a safe work environment for workers
  • Employers who have well-integrated workplace health & safety programs can utilize the League of Champions to act as a lever for improving overall safety within your company​
  • Enhance employee morale through staff participation & get behind a cause that will help change the culture of safety
  • Raise employee acceptance and awareness about their approach to workplace safety and drive innovation into your business

By becoming a Champion, you will not only foster a safer work environment, your company will gain the recognition you deserve for achieving safety excellence.



Submit Application and Pay Membership Fee


Sign Charter and Make Moral Commitment

Membership Granted, Jersey Issued!

how to become a member

Direct Benefits

  • Influence buyers of construction to recognize your firm as a SAFE company
  • Differentiate your company and be recognized as a Safety Leader
  • Networking with major buyers of construction services and with potential new young employees
  • Use League of Champions on your letterhead & promotional materials, including: Hard Hat stickers, trucks, company signs, etc. Photo opportunities (group gatherings, government, special events, etc.)
  • Videos of events & talks
  • Media exposure and cross promotion – “create the buzz”
  • Participation – Awards/recognition  at OGCA Leadership Day, OGCA safety awards and separate Champion events
  • Website exposure
  • Opportunity to showcase your company at events across the Province(s) in front of High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Industry & Government​
  • Use the League of Champions as a tool to inspire and act as a catalyst for your employees to catapult them to the next level of engagement, leading to an improved safety record that could lower costs